Building Materials Corp. of America, Wayne, N.J., introduces advanced Peel-and-Stick “Splice-Lock” seam technology for its Metalastic® Expansion Joint Covers. This technology allows for construction of seams virtually in seconds —just peel the backer off the splice and apply over the seam. The expansion joint covers already reduce field splices — and accompanying leaks — by up to 90 percent because they come in lengths of up to 250 feet. This reduces installation labor by up to 64 percent, while saving on the overall cost of the job. The product is versatile and can be used on virtually any roof — thermoset single-ply, hot, cold and torch applications. It is available with a black or white surface membrane, and provides a uniform surface that results in a neater finished appearance. The covers are flexible, with contoured bellows that have no seams or channels to trap water.