Stevens Roofing Systems, Holyoke, Mass., offers a complete line of Edge Metal options for use with its Stevens EP (TPO), Stevens EV (PVC) and Stevens Hypalon (CSPE) roofing systems. In addition to Clad Metal for contractors who want to form their own flashing, there are four pre-fabricated Edge Metal options: Stevens Edge, a fascia system for most applications; Stevens Fascia, a premium edge metal system; Stevens Cap, a snap-on coping cap; and Stevens System 200 for ballasted applications. In addition to providing resistance against wind-uplift forces, these pre-engineered Edge Metal Systems also provide protection against water leakage because they do not require penetrations of the membrane at the deck level. Each pre-fabricated Edge Metal option is available with a choice of a Kynar-based fluoropolymer coating or with an anodized or mill finish. In addition, each system is available in a variety of sizes to fit most buildings, and with many color options.