GAF Materials Corp., Wayne, N.J, introduces FireShield® Roof Restoration System, which not only extends the life of an existing roof, reflects sunlight, and helps to reduce energy costs, but it is also "self-extinguishing" when exposed to fire, providing maximum fire protection. A single application of FireShield's patent-pending restorative technology can turn virtually any existing EPDM (and some asphaltic) roof system into a UL Class A rated roof-instantly. In addition to its fire-protection abilities, FireShield systems are listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council and highly reflective. FireShield systems can be used on most slopes and on virtually any deck type. It comes with GAF's Emerald Pledge NDL Restoration Warranty that provides comprehensive protection against material defects for 10 years. An optional 20-year no-dollar-limit guarantee is also available on qualified systems.