WASHINGTON-The federal government is urgently seeking assistance from small or small local companies who are able to respond to hurricane and disaster relief efforts.

WASHINGTON-The Southwestern Region of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is seeking information on the availability and capabilities of local small and other small business contractors who could provide supplemental assistance in handling mission requirements assigned to the Corps of Engineers in support of disaster relief efforts associated with Hurricane Rita, as well as other hurricane relief efforts that could result from hurricanes hitting along the Gulf Cost and coming inland during the remainder of the 2005 hurricane season. The Corps of Engineers has some pre-positioned contracts for such commodities/services as temporary roofing/housing, ice, power generators, water, and debris removal. However, this market research effort is sought to increase opportunities for local small and other small business resources that could assist in the event the existing emergency contract capacities/capabilities are exceeded, as well as to have a cadre of local small and other small business contractors who can respond to additional mission assignments in other relief areas.

For more information on the detailed information necessary to participate, visit www2.eps.gov/spg/USA/COE/DACA63/W9126G-05-X-RITA/SynopsisR.html.