Firefighters in West Oakland, Calif. battled a three-alarm fire at a roofing supplier's warehouse that broke out Wednesday night and continued well into the next morning.

According to a story from Fox-affiliated KTVU, the fire began outside of a warehouse for Pacific Coast Supply, spreading inside before consuming the entire warehouse. Flammable materials like insulation, drywall and stucco were stored inside, and according to officials, the metal roof of the building collapsed during the fire, making it tougher for firefighters to extinguish it.

"It's burning debris under the roof, because we had a full roof collapse," Oakland Fire Battalion Chief Lionel Jarreau told KTVU.

Representatives with Pacific Coast Supply declined to comment on the incident but are working with firefighters to bring in equipment that can remove the metal roof debris.

Local reports say the fire burned so hot that firefighters asked the East Bay Municipal Utility District to increase water pressure in the area to help them control the blaze. It took about two hours to contain the fire, according to the Mercury News, but it wasn't under control. Crews were on scene past midnight monitoring hot spots. No injuries were reported, and no other nearby buildings were threatened.

Reports have indicated the fire started in rubbish in front of the building. What sparked that initial fire is still under investigation.