Nearly 40 years after introducing the ergonomics category to the workplace, Ergodyne has announced the launch of the ProFlex 1675 Cooling + Warming Back Support Brace.

Back injuries are a leading cause of workplace disability, accounting for over 1 million injuries according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Ergodyne's latest back support is engineered to address these concerns by emphasizing the importance of pre-work and post-work routines in addition to encouraging proper lifting techniques during the shift. Integrated warming and cooling therapy aids in preparing the body for physical exertion and assisting in recovery post-shift. Warming therapy increases blood flow and cooling therapy reduces inflammation — crucial elements in muscle readiness and recovery.

"We recognize that the key to injury prevention lies not only in supporting the back during work but also in preparing and recovering the muscles before and after a shift," said Justin Schuetz, product manager, Ergodyne. "We're providing a solution that cares for the worker's health at every stage of their workday."

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