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BOS 2021 Speaker Catch-Up with Gregg Wallick


Gregg Wallick stood proudly on the Best of Success (BOS) stage in 2018, flanked by his two sons and surrounded by key members of his team as Best Roofing accepted RC’s 2018 Commercial Roofing Contractor of the Year award.

His succession plan was in the works and the family’s roofing legacy appeared cemented as they celebrated with hundreds of BOS attendees in Dallas. But since then, business and the roofing industry continued to evolve — especially over the last 18 months. Priorities shifted, decisions were made and change came unexpectedly. So did all the rewards. 

The Wallicks will return to Dallas this September for BOS 2021 to share their story of overcoming obstacles in a family business. RC caught up with the senior Wallick for the following preview.

Roofing Contractor: Will you tell us about the state of roofing in Southern Florida?

Gregg Wallick: Like most industries in the country right now, the supply shortage and price increases are impacting our market, as well as the permits.

RC: What are a few of the biggest changes to your organization since the COVID-19 pandemic began? 

GW: Price increases and material availability.

RC: Best Roofing seemed to go “next level” with its communication efforts once the lockdowns began. Why go that route and what’s been the biggest benefits?

GW: By creating a Zoom Room, we were able to reach a larger customer audience through online classes, seminars and bid presentations, especially during COVID-19 when it was difficult to gather in large groups.

RC: What will you be covering in your BOS presentation and what do you hope contractors get out of it? 

GW: We’re calling it: “Family Dynamics Tearing you Apart? When Unexpected Change Works Well Unexpectedly.” My hope is they realize that eventually everything works out. With any family business there is drama, so try not to get overwhelmed, stay calm and work through it.

RC: What will it mean to present with your sons, particularly on this topic at this time? 

GW: We were together in 2018 when Best Roofing was named Roofing Contractor’s “Contractor of the Year.” A lot has changed since then, but I’m very proud that our relationships were mature enough to navigate through challenging times and now we are stronger than ever.

RC: When was your last time in Dallas, and what do you love/hate? 

GW: I was in Dallas for the IRE in February 2020 right before the pandemic lockdowns. I love the food and the culture there, but I don’t particularly care for the cold weather — I’m a true Floridian!


    What: 2021 Best of Success conference

    When: Sept. 19-21 2021

    Where: The Omni Frisco Hotel; Frisco, Texas

    Who: Roofing contractors and industry professionals

    Notables: The 17th annual unique two-day experience returns to The Star in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in order to help roofing professionals grow their businesses and become more successful.

    Featured will be: A new roster of roofing industry leaders and experts willing to share their expertise and business know-how to move the industry forward. Unique and unrivaled networking and social opportunities with roofing industry leaders, as well as some of the most influential product and service providers in the roofing business.

    Online registration is now open at

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