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Things I Learned at Best of Success 2016

Rick Damato

This month’s issue of Roofing Contractor contains our report on the 2016 Best of Success conference (BoS). I’ll leave the reporting up to our great editorial team, so this is just me sharing some of my thoughts and impressions as an attendee. While I’m tasked with doing this or that at our conference, I still get to hear all of the speakers and panelists the same as all of our attendees.

And, like the other attendees, I head home with knowledge of new things, a few new ideas to try out in my business or personal life, and some valuable new contacts.

The topic of sales is a recurring theme at BoS. It should be because nothing happens in the roofing business until a contract is signed. We were reminded by several presenters that though the world of marketing and attracting leads continues to change; getting jobs still requires the fine skill of selling and closing deals.

Speaking of generating leads, we learned that online marketing continues to become ever more sophisticated. Taking advantage of new online tools and “big data” is becoming the basic cost of entry into markets when a few short years ago market leaders were the only ones scoring big this way. We saw examples from some creative roofing contractors delivering their message with video productions that were both entertaining and informative for their potential customers. 

Worker safety is always a theme at the BoS conference. We were once again reminded that the safety professional has one of the toughest sales jobs in the industry. We were told that OSHA is not our enemy. We were also advised that OSHA is not a friend when they appear unannounced at the jobsite or shop. Having every member of your team ready and able to appropriately handle a visiting OSHA official is vital.

I’ve touted the use of drones in roofing for several years now and the message I received from this BoS is that I need to get off the couch. The new licensure requirements are not overwhelming and the business opportunities are still being discovered for this intriguing technology. I may never do a thing with a drone professionally, but I think it’s time for me to get a license and learn how to operate one. Maybe it ends up being just for fun, but I’m calling it “Exploring a business opportunity” in case anyone with the IRS asks.

If you missed the Best of Success conference this year, make note now to plan on joining us in Tucson, Ariz. in September 2017. As she has for over a dozen years, our publisher, Jill Bloom, will serve as the producer, head coach, and number-one cheerleader for Best of Success. She’ll put together an amazing cast of industry experts and roofing contractors to share their wisdom and experiences in a live and digital event that consistently garners rave reviews from attendees. I hope to meet you there!


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