December 4-6, 2024
Bonita Springs, FL
Best of Success

All I Want for Christmas…

Indulge me with a little fantasy. Imagine me sitting on Santa’s lap about to hold forth with my Christmas wish list. Not a nice visual, I know. Just work with me.

I’ve been touting the use drones in the roofing industry for several years. It’s been suggested to me that drones would be a tool for me to use in my role of leasing and managing industrial real estate. So, I want one of my own. I want a drone license so I can use my drone legally, and I even want some lessons so I can be really good at flying it.

I want a drone as a potential business opportunity. I think learning how to fly a drone and using one would be great fun, but don’t tell anyone with the IRS because I would only “invest” in a drone to explore legitimate business opportunities related to the roofing, construction and/or industrial real estate industries.

I want clarity on the entire residential solar proposition. It’s fairly clear that the only way for residential solar to work (at least for now) is with incentives from the government, utility companies, or both. States and municipalities are all over the place and have been since the beginning, and now some utility companies want to charge individual providers of renewable energy extra money to live on their grids. Not sure I disagree with that concept, but it seems a bit premature and confusing. Can’t we all just get along?

I have always felt that roofing contractors should be prime contractor on any roof-mounted installation projects, but this is not baked into the culture. I wish it were. I suppose solar has to be more in the mainstream before I’m granted these wishes, but it’s my list, dammit, and they’re on it.

I want a new app for my smartphone. I want to be able to point it in the direction of any person that I suspect is bullshitting me and have it give me a fast answer. It may even be voice activated so I can say, “Siri, tell me if this is guy is bullshitting.” It just seems that somewhere along the way it became OK to bullshit. I blame the political process. In fact, if you were to have my fantasy app installed on your smartphone it would come with instructions not to aim it at any politician or political ad.

If you had a BS app, all the salesmen calling on you to sell you the next great thing in roofing would have to really be selling you the next best thing in roofing. No bullshit. That would be refreshing, right?!

I want more time with Micki. That is Mrs. Damato. She worked with our team at the Best of Success Conference this year and it was really nice. First time we worked together. We should do that more often. Read more about the conference here. If you were not able to attend this year, plan now to join us next September in Tucson!