As Roofing Supply Pro continues to develop content and report on the roofing distribution industry, we’re taking a look back at our first year to see what interested our readers the most.

When reviewing our top 10 most popular articles, it became clear that the majority weren’t necessarily about distribution itself, but the people within it. To anyone who belongs to this often overlooked industry, it should come as no surprise. It takes talented and authentic people to not only run a building supply business smoothly, but to take care of the customers that depend on those suppliers.

Whether it was profiles about some of these standout individuals, people shifting leadership positions, or even catching up on which distribution leaders made Forbes’ 400 list, below are the most-read articles in RSP’s inaugural year.

Profile: Greg Bloom, Roofing's Bionic Man

One of the most read articles details the career of Greg Bloom, vice president of National and Strategic Accounts at Beacon. That career began in 1982 working in a warehouse for Allied Building Products. When Allied was bought by Beacon in 2018, Bloom continued to climb the ranks, and to this day is passionate about his career and supporting the industry.

In the spirit of full disclosure, Bloom is one half of a “roofing power couple,” the other being Jill Bloom, group publisher of Roofing Supply Pro and Roofing Contractor.

Ashley Finneran Shifts into Gear as SRS Distribution’s First Female Transportation Instructor

Given that women in the construction or trucking industries, let alone distribution, are a minority, it’s all the more special when they can be celebrated for achieving milestones. Readers seem to agree, as one of the most read articles to date shares how Ashley Finneran, a psychology major and former McDonald’s manager, became SRS Distribution’s first-ever female instructor for its Transportation University.

She also holds the distinction of being the first woman to graduate from SRS’ university for CDL and crane operation.

Robert Yurk is ‘Creating the Wake’ For His Team

This profile featuring Robert Yurk, a Michigan district sales manager from Beacon, highlights how the 43-year-old manager views his role as one that is about “calling the right plays, pulling the right levers at the right time, and providing overall strategic guidance.” Prior to Beacon, Yurk was vice president and co-principal at Acme Building Products, based in Flint, Mich., having started at the company as a teenager.

He explains how there isn’t a “typical day” for salespeople, but the days he enjoys the most are when he’s in the field supporting his sales reps and coaching them during ride-alongs.

ABC US Appoints New CEO and COO

In this news story from July, Altenloh, Brinck and Co. US, Inc., a manufacturer of engineered fasteners for use in residential and commercial building material industries based in Ohio, announced that Jason A. Beals had been named chief executive officer. In addition to naming Beals as CEO, former acting CEO Nikolas Dicke was recently made permanent CEO of the company’s parent company, based in Ennepetal, Germany.

ABC US, the domestic subsidiary of Altenloh, Brinck and Co. Group, operates brands including SPAX, TRUFAST and TRUFAST Walls.

Terri Taylor’s Quarter-Century Trek Toward Good Governance

As noted above, RSP readers seem enthusiastic to learn about and support women in the distribution industry. This well-read profile focuses on Terri Taylor, national residential division manager for MacArthur Co. She started her 25-year career in administration at a two-step distribution company before working her way up and eventually joining MacArthur in 2007. She manages two branches in Bloomington and Ramsey, Minn., and oversees negotiating programs and regional buys with vendors.

Commenting on being a woman in distribution, she gives a memorable quote about how to earn respect in the industry we won’t spoil here.

Roofing Supplier CEOs, Co-Founders Make 2023 Forbes 400 Richest List

The annual Forbes 400 list, curated by the list’s namesake Forbes, tracks the wealthiest people in the United States. In the 2023 list, two spots were claimed by high-ranking women in the distribution and supply industry.

The first of those two is Diane Hendricks, chair and co-founder of ABC Supply Co. Inc. Forbes reported her net worth as $19.3 billion, placing her at 38 on the list. Joining her was Maggie Hardy, owner and CEO of 84 Lumber. Forbes reported her net worth at $4.1 billion as of Oct. 18, ranking her at 278.

Amanda Wigchert of Elite Roofing Supply Loves 'Chaos'

Inside sales can be a hectic role at any distribution company’s branch, and managers need someone who can handle it. Elite Roofing Supply lucked out with Amanda Wigchert, who states that she “loves the chaos” and thrives in it, working at the supplier’s Gilbert, Ariz. location.

In a candid interview, she shares how she has been six years sober and that her career is one of the many things she’s proud of, including her marriage, two children, and working toward a degree in behavioral health.

Q3 2023 ARMA Report Shows Asphalt Product Shipments Dropping

The supply chain is an essential part of distribution, and the news about asphalt product shipments decreasing in the third quarter of 2023 caught the attention of RSP readers.

The Q3 2023 Quarterly Product Shipment Report from the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association showed that shipments in U.S. shingles, BUR, modified bitumen and Canada shingles all dropped when compared to Q2 2023. Meanwhile, a year-to-year comparison showed that some products, like U.S. shingles and mod bit, were up, while BUR and Canada shingles saw significant decreases.

Check in the New Year for the Q4 2023 report.

Beacon CFO to Depart Company

Beacon announced in early December that Frank Lonegro, the company’s executive vice president and chief financial officer, would step down from his C-suite position to become CEO of a publicly traded company outside of the building products industry.

Despite being a late-year announcement, the short article quickly became one of the most read of 2023 as a C-suite member of one of the largest suppliers announced their departure. Lonegro will remain with Beacon until Feb. 1, 2024.

Case Study: Optimizing Warehouse Space Improves Branch’s Operations

Warehouse space is a resource all distributors can agree is important, as it can determine not only how much product can be stored, but what types of products can or cannot be offered. Knowing this to be the case, Ireland-based forklift manufacturer Combilift offers a free warehouse optimization service that can help suppliers maximize warehouse space and layouts.

The case study shows how Combilift’s wide load forklifts, combined with a renovated warehouse layout, improved inventory management for a distributor in Wisconsin in addition to creating opportunities for storing long products like vinyl siding.