Carmon McCulley may have been born in Oklahoma, but there’s no disputing where he feels at home — Montana. He first moved to Big Sky country right out of college nearly two decades ago; he left when other job opportunities with Remington Arms Company and other corporations in plastics manufacturing drew him away. 

As others in the roofing industry may identify with, his subsequent career patch found him returning to Montana, where he’s reached a personal goal of working and playing in a place he loves. 

“I have been back in the Flathead Valley for around six years and have very much enjoyed my time with Northwest Drywall as we grow and get better every day,” McCulley said.

Here’s what else he had to tell RSP in this exclusive Q&A:


Name: Carmon McCulley
Age: 40
Company: Northwest Drywall and Roofing Supply
Title or Current Position: General Manager

Location: Montana

Company Website:

College: Oklahoma Baptist University

Family Status: Married with two girls

When you’re not thinking about roofing supplies, you are: Working on classic cars, camping.

RSP: Can you briefly describe how you got into roofing materials distribution? What drew you in? 

CM: I have always been around builders but got into this job through a friend. They needed a proven business leader. It has been a great two years, and I enjoy working with the trades and leading a solid team.

RSP: What is your current role with your company, and how do you contribute to its success? 

CM: I am the general manager and control the business [including] all operations and overall success. My contribution is pretty much constant; if I am not [entirely] engaged, things can and will [falter]. 

RSP: How is your age an advantage in this business, or is it a disadvantage? 

CM: I have always been the younger guy in leadership, but as I am aging, I think 40 is a perfect age for everyone to see you can relate, but they also know you have the experience to back up your decisions in the past. That last part was not the norm. 

RSP: Why did you decide to get involved with Next Gen, and how has it helped your career?

CM: I always want to learn and do more. I appreciate a group that also has the same aspirations, and the Next Gen is working on making younger businesspeople better. 

RSP: What area of your roofing supply business are you the most passionate about and why? 

CM: I enjoy the small-to-medium contractor who is still super engaged in the day-to-day but is looking for that next step. We love to grow our people into solid business leaders! 

RSP: What’s next? What are your plans if you stay in the industry? 

CM: I plan to keep growing my business. We currently have four locations, and I’m working on building the fifth. I really want to see NWDR as the lead in Montana and maybe other outlining states.

McCulley Family Pic_500px.jpgMcCulley with his family. Photo courtesy of Carmon McCulley