December 4-6, 2024
Bonita Springs, FL
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BOS 2021 Speaker Catch-Up with Ryan Groth


Ryan Groth brings a new definition of off-shoring to the roofing industry. He started Sales Transformation Group in 2018 in his native South Florida after witnessing how technology helped drive sales success in the roofing space. After moving the business and family to Hawaii, he’s now developed a dynamic sales platform that’s scalable for roofing contractors at a time when so much seems to be unpredictable. 

From the start, he’s proven to be passionate about helping younger contractors find their footing in the business.

“I think it's because my mom and stepdad had a contracting business that I was hoping to take over one day,” Groth said. “But, unfortunately, their business didn't survive the 2008 financial crisis.”

Groth used that setback as motivation and cultivated a niche for sales and networking that landed him in Florida’s bustling roofing market. That’s what first brought him to Best of Success (BOS) and helped set him on the path to becoming a repeat speaker, and one of the more progressive voices on technology and leadership in the industry. 

Roofing Contractor: What’s been the biggest transition moving from the mainland? And how’s the roofing in paradise? 

Ryan Groth: The biggest transition has definitely been the time zone difference. I wake up at 4 a.m. (sometimes 3 a.m.) so that I can serve my customers and teammates working across the mainland. We are really loving the pace of life here, it's great for the family. 

As far as roofing in paradise? Well, I'll say this: if anyone wants to move to Maui to begin a roofing business, they'd make a killing. Everyone likes to surf and play around here. A little work ethic would go a long way on this island!

RC: How would you characterize the roofing industry right now, and what are the biggest concerns you’re hearing from contractors you’re working with? 

RG: For the longest time I would hear about the labor shortages, now it's material shortages. I'm concerned that if business owners don't know how to adopt new strategies, implement change, recruit and train their teams, they're going to get hit pretty hard.

RC: You work with a lot of younger roofing contractors. What gives you hope about the next generation?

RG: I witnessed what's possible in this industry when young professionals have the opportunity to work in a professional environment, even in roofing. It's a unique blend of wanting to help others who have the opportunity and make the industry better, all at the same time. It's very rewarding.

RC: What do you remember about your first BOS? 

RG: I remember my first BOS I was like a kid in a candy store. Gregg Wallick and I launched a software product and when he was on stage, he mentioned his success with it and the methodology. That flooded my booth with really great conversations with roofing business owners who wanted to be the best. The quality of the contractor and the conversations will still resonate with me today. That's why I keep coming back!

RC: Any takeaways that you still use? 

RG: "If you're not growing, you're dying."

RC: What will you cover in your BOS presentation and what do you hope contractors get from it? 

RG: I'll be covering how to improve your roofing company closing ratio. This presentation will show unique insights that will hopefully motivate the industry to know their numbers and empower them to pull the levers of their business, resulting in more net profits and increased predictability.

RC: When were you last in Dallas, and what do you love/hate? 

RG: I was in Dallas recently working with a new client and their sales team. I really love the industrious energy of the city (much different than Maui) but I don't love the traffic!

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