GAF Great estimates start with great information. Until today, gathering important property info meant pulling research from multiple, sometimes expensive, always time-consuming sources.

Not anymore. A GAF QuickSite™ report delivers all of the key property data roofing pros need to help create a winning estimate and start planning the job — all in one convenient purchase. At one low price.

Roofing data

The convenience and savings grow with the scale of the roofing organization. Companies working in multiple states or regions, for instance, can get hyper-local property insights — including codes or roof design criteria, and condition — before they ever get on the roof.

Each GAF QuickSite™ report includes:

  • Roof Condition — Artificial Intelligence provides insight on the condition of the roof. Whether it's ponding water on a commercial building or missing shingles on a home, the report gives you an idea of what to expect.
  • Local Building Codes or Design Criteria — This component provides relevant codes information or roof design criteria depending on property type. Commercial reports include R-values, design criteria, and more. Residential reports provide codes pertaining to drip edge, crickets, ice and water protection, and more.
  • 10 Year Severe Weather History — Weather history helps inform system and material choices, helps communicate with the property owner, and — by providing a swath for each storm — can even help you focus your marketing efforts.
  • Parcel Information — Be even more prepared for any project by understanding the property, its value, property lines, boundaries, ownership information, construction type, and more.

Roofing data

Get all of this quickly after placing your order!

Reports are only $20 per address. There’s no subscription or GAF certification required.

You can find out more, or order a report, at