HB FullerH.B. Fuller is excited to bring Millennium Sprayable PVC Single-Ply Bonding Adhesive to the low-slope commercial roofing market in North America. With a proven track record for over 10 years in our European product line, this bonding adhesive has been applied to over eight million square feet of roofing around the world. It was specifically developed to create strong, lasting bonds with a variety of PVC membranes currently available in the market.

This self-contained spray canister brings several benefits to a commercial contractor. The adhesive is spray-applied in a variable web pattern for full coverage to adhere PVC and fleece-backed membranes to approved insulation, cover boards and OSB. This fast-drying spray bonding adhesive reduces application time by 75% when compared to conventional roll-applied products at equivalent labor. Vertical surfaces can also be installed quickly and cleanly due to the fast-drying application.

Getting the most out of an adhesive application is where the Millennium Sprayable PVC product excels. The applied coverage rate is doubled (x2) compared to existing products offered in the market, giving you higher utilization of adhesive. Furthermore, each canister of adhesive replaces five pails of roll-applied adhesive. This significantly reduces the amount of materials placed on the roof allowing for faster setup and more work space. Another benefit includes a reduction in waste from empty packaging and application rollers. Less to bring up and less to take down!

Millennium Sprayable PVC Single-Ply Bonding Adhesive provides superior long term wind uplift performance with FM and UL approvals. In addition, it can be used in all VOC regulated markets with VOC content less than 200 grams per liter.

These benefits result in saving time and boosting productivity on the job site. Choose H. B. Fuller Millennium Sprayable PVC Single-Ply Bonding Adhesive for your next fully adhered PVC roof installation.

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