Alpha ProTech

As a true MANUFACTURER of premium synthetic underlayments, we can assure quality, consistency and service unlike the others who just import and broker product. Others can claim to be a manufacturer but how many can take you to their factories and show you the true ownership? We at Alpha Pro Tech Engineered Products, Inc. pride ourselves in the fact that we not only manufacture quality products, we employee many people; our team, our family, right here in the USA. When you need a product that meets all the rigorous standards and testing requirements, you can count on our REX and TECHNO SB family of products as we have a full lab and testing facility located inside our factory in Valdosta, Georgia.

Others can claim to manufacture but they can’t take you on a tour of their company owned facility. Make sure that on your next job you use a product that is proven, tested and made right in our own states by people who are hard working and dedicated to ensuring your next job will be one of quality and care. Ask for REX leading the way with its lifetime warranty system or if the job calls for a price point product step down to one of our TECHNO SB products with either a 50 year or 25 year warranty to ensure you have a job that will stand up to the test of time. And if you are ever in the neighborhood, stop by and take a tour of our factory, we hope to see you in Valdosta soon. WE HAVE YOU COVERED IN EVERY DIRECTION.