You Never Know What Will Happen To A Roof Over Its Lifetime. One Of The Most Frustrating Parts Of Commercial Roof Damage Is Knowing You Could Have Helped Prevent It. The Solution? Use DensDeck® Roof Boards On Every Job And Walk Away With Confidence Today—Not Consequences Tomorrow.GP0178G_D-Deck_logo_RGB-100px.jpg

Roof damage comes in all sizes, from the smallest puncture to the largest gust of wind. Doubling back to a recently completed roof job to make repairs can cost time and money. That’s why value engineering gypsum roof board out of commercial jobs is a mistake. DensDeck® Roof Boards have a strong, non-combustible gypsum core. They help mitigate common roof risks like puncture damage from foot traffic and maintenance—while also giving you enhanced protection against wind, fire and hail.

Think of gypsum roof boards as an investment in your future. This way, your crews stay busy working on new roof jobs instead of dealing with costly callbacks. And more than just your roof is covered— DensDeck Roof Boards help protect your margins and your reputation.


Building owners may not realize the punishment their commercial roof can take over the years. And catastrophic weather events aren’t the only threat. HVAC installation can be tough on a roof, while solar panels could increase the risk of fire. Green roofs also need versatile roofing systems with a rigid substrate to handle the load.

Let building owners know that rooftop enhancements call for the strength and versatility of DensDeck Roof Boards.

We understand that sometimes, you can know everything about roof board protection and still value engineer it out of a project. That’s why we have a team of Building Envelope Specialists who can talk through your questions and help explain the value of keeping a gypsum cover board in your roof assembly.

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