To protect the original roof investment, avoid callbacks and prevent damage caused by water, building owners and contractors should choose the most effective, proven, long-term penetration seals available. Chem Link’s ChemCurb® & E-Curb® Systems can turn the weakest part of a building’s roof into the strongest.

  • Easy to install — normally fewer than 15 minutes per penetration
  • Fits any size or shape penetration allowing for unlimited configurations
  • Can be bonded to a wide range of surfaces
  • Sealants & adhesives are 100% solids and do not shrink
  • E-Curb and ChemCurb installations are impervious to ice, corrosion, UV light and ponding water

E-Curbs provide an efficient penetration seal system for mounting solar panel frames. Superior to other penetration seal systems, E-Curbs will not corrode, shrink or create additional penetrations with fasteners during installation. E-Curbs offer flexible configurations and are easy to install, saving time and labor.

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