When it comes to products that are tried and true, Alpha Pro Tech Engineered Products, Inc. leads the charge. Our history of MANUFACTURING goes back to 2004 when we first launched our synthetic underlayment products to the world. We say MANUFACTURED because that is what we do, we don’t outsource our products to others to produce. Our quality is second to no one and our time in the space tells its own story of the value of a great product. Being the third company to ever have a product and still running strong today is a testament to our products, quality and service.

The best part is you can join in with keeping the jobs flowing right in our US factories and be part of our rich tradition of MANUFACTURING products for every roof across America. They say the proof is in the pudding, plan a visit to Valdosta, Georgia where we can show you first hand how synthetic roof underlayments should be manufactured, tested and packaged to ensure the highest quality product is put on your roof to last a lifetime, eliminating call backs and failures. We look forward to seeing you stop by to see our MANUFACTURING.