Have you made your work resolutions for 2022? Enhancing your knowledge—and your team’s—through training and education is a goal with huge benefits. Comprehensive training programs may help boost employee productivity, job satisfaction and retention.  

So how can you turn your team’s down time into training time? Owens Corning University (OCU for short) makes it easy, with expert education packaged in easy-to-absorb modular based courses, videos and webinars and more -  all under one umbrella, at no cost to you.  

We spoke with Jon Gardner, national training and education leader at Owens Corning Roofing, to learn more about how to make OCU work for you in the new year.

Get the OCU Complete Roofing Education Guide

“Keep it handy—it’s the easiest way to navigate the resources inside OCU,” Gardner said. Download and browse a PDF copy at RoofwithOC.com.  

Identify the best training   

Are you hiring new installers that need to learn the basics? Or working with seasoned sales leaders seeking high-level experts? Discover the content that’s the best fit. “For example, installers might benefit from off-sets and valley short-cut training to ensure proper installation right down to the detail.  Sales can leverage Design & Inspire Color training for highly impactful in-home selling,” Gardner said.   

Set a deadline  

“It’s about making training a priority,” Gardner said. Turn your team’s goals into reality by assigning the right learning content and giving your staff or yourself a firm date to have the training completed.    

Review and apply

“OCU makes it super easy to implement valuable training as a practice for every contractor,” Gardner said. “It’s even more impactful when you commit and hold your team accountable. Set monthly meetings to review as a team, uncover best practices, role play and measure progress, reward and have fun! ” Every quarter, set a team meeting to go over what you’ve learned, applied and then set the next learning focus.  

To learn more about Owens Corning University, visit RoofwithOC.com.

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