Artistic Roof and Design is a leading commercial and industrial roofing company serving the Fresno, California area for more than 20 years. Southern California Edison contracted Artistic Roof and Design to install a new SPF foam roof for their Big Creek Hydroelectric Powerhouse, they chose Polyglass products as their solution of choice. According to lead contractor Kevin Robinson, temperature and moisture presented the two greatest challenges to this installation project, encompassing 235 squares.

To overcome these challenges, the team started by priming the substrate with PolyBrite® 780, a black, water-based epoxy primer designed to absorb radiant heat from the sun for better bonding of the spray polyurethane foam. After installing the foam layer, they applied a second layer of PolyBrite 780 to add adhesion to the foam and prep the surface for the polyurea layer and waterproof roof coatings to follow. They finished the surface with Polyglass PG 700-QS, a quick-setting elastomeric coating typically applied to provide resistance to early rain exposure. In this case, it was used to seal the SPF foam against the constant moisture emitted by the powerhouse itself. To complete the roof details, they used PolyBrite® 73 flashing compound, a premium-grade UV-resistant white elastomeric mastic used for flashing and detail in conjunction with Polyglass' elastomeric roof coating systems.

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