A company’s reputation is directly impacted by the performance of its crews. From setup to cleanup, sunup to sundown, every part of the roof replacement process is exhausting.

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Dos Rossouw, Founder of Clean Cut Roofing in White Oak, TX, discovered a way to make that process easier for his crews at the 2013 International Roofing Expo–equipping them with the Equipter RB4000 drivable dumpster.

“There [are] parts of roofing that [are] not attractive and that can get a man down. When you’re just tearing off the old and you’re picking it up, it brings you down,” Rossouw explains. “When you have a piece of equipment that helps you with the part that’s not as attractive, that picks you back up. I know the RB4000 has done that for my men.”

Manufactured in the heart of Lancaster County, PA, the Equipter RB4000 takes the heavy lifting out of setup, cleanup, and virtually everything in between. The roofing trailer features a 12-foot hydraulic lift, eliminating the task of hauling heavy tear-off tools and materials up and down ladders throughout the day. The rust-resistant aluminum container features a 10.5-foot wide catch span, so roofers can shovel tear-off right into the box instead of onto fragile landscaping.

With the Equipter on the job, Clean Cut Roofing Production Manager Yauli Sosa has noticed a significant change in the roofers. 

“We used it on that first job. Then by the second job, everybody wanted to use it…They get more energy to work and it also saves their backs,” Sosa says.

Regarding worker retention, Rossouw states, “Our crew morale and loyalty steps up every time we add an Equipter.” 

As of December 2021, Clean Cut Roofing has three Equipter RB4000s on staff.

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