Since its founding in 1990, Chem Link has focused on meeting the pressing needs of contractors, consumers and industries with its high-performance adhesives, sealants, coatings and related products. An idea company, dedicated to innovation and problem-solving, Chem Link joined the SOPREMA family in 2016, committed to continuing to provide its customers with quality products and customer service. Today, Chem Link is a fully integrated company located in Schoolcraft, Mich., with two manufacturing locations nationwide.

Committed to quality, Chem Link received its ISO 9001 certification in 2015, guaranteeing that all Chem Link products meet customer and regulatory requirements. In addition, Chem Link chemists, product development engineers, technicians and senior scientists are continuously working to improve quality standards. Chem Link has a fully staffed Research and Development facility focused on mastering polyether and silicone technologies. With the ability to customize and develop a formulation to optimize performance and characteristics, scientists continuously test products to ensure that they are providing only the highest quality products to customers.

Since day one, Chem Link has been an environmentally conscious company. All of its internal processes are environmentally compliant, from product formulation through production and packaging. All products are solvent free and have a low VOC content, meaning they pose no threat to the installer and are environmentally friendly.

The Chem Link team is dedicated to its pursuit of polymer technology that can be harnessed to meet the evolving demands of the marketplace while maintaining the highest environmental and safety standards. It was with this in mind that M-1 was created.

M-1 is a moisture cure, multi-purpose structural adhesive/sealant designed for bonding and sealing a wide range of construction materials. M-1 forms a tough, elastic waterproof seal to most roofing materials, masonry, wood, glass, aluminum and foam. M-1 bonds well to most building surfaces including metal flashing, copings, skylights and HVAC surfaces.

And now, M-1 is Miami-Dade approved! It is one of only two structural adhesives/sealants to receive this strict High Velocity Hurricane Zone approval, which is recognized nationally and internationally as meeting the most rigorous requirements of the Florida Building Code.

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