When GAF developed Timberline® HDZ™ Shingles featuring LayerLock™ Technology, a big part of our goal was to help contractors deal with the constant pressure of the construction labor shortage by providing a shingle that was easy and fast to install.

Here’s how the patented technology works: GAF LayerLock™ Technology mechanically fuses the common bond together. This technique allows GAF to offer the industry’s largest nailing zone, called the StrikeZone™ Nailing Area. Contractors choosing Timberline® HDZ™ Shingles can now aim for a nailing target up to 600% larger and enjoy up to 30% faster nail fastening, for improved accuracy and efficiency compared to our previous generation of Timberline® Shingles.

“Timberline® HDZ™ Shingles offer a wider nail zone so the guys aren’t rushed through the job,” said Leo Curvelo, of Curvelo Restorations, a Master Elite Contractor2 in Atlanta, GA. “They hit the nail on the head, if you will. Right where it needs to be.”

Infinite Wind-Speed Protection — an Industry

First In addition to providing contractors with the benefits of LayerLock™ Technology and the industry’s largest nailing zone with its revolutionary Timberline® HDZ™ Shingle, GAF was also able to offer homeowners an industry leading wind warranty.

When installed with the required combination of four qualifying GAF accessories, Timberline® HDZ™ Shingles qualify for the new breakthrough WindProven™ limited wind warranty1, the industry’s first wind warranty with no maximum wind speed limitation.

Protecting the Homeowner’s Peace of Mind

Time is priceless — not just for your crew. Andy Muthashefsky, a GAF Master Elite® Contractor2 with ABM Roofing of McDonough, GA, said, “The new Timberline® HDZ™ shingle makes the install go a little bit smoother, which makes us look a bit more professional. We’re in and we’re out. The homeowner is super happy that we aren’t interrupting their dinner.”

Efficiency, offering the unique WindProven™ limited wind warranty, and making a great impression on customers: That’s three ways new Timberline® HDZ™ Shingles protect what matters most to contractors and homeowners. Find out more at gaf.com/layerlock.

1 15-year WindProven™ limited wind warranty on Timberline® HDZ™ Shingles requires the use of GAF Starter Strips, Roof Deck Protection, Ridge Cap Shingles, and Leak Barrier or Attic Ventilation. See GAF Roofing System Limited Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions. Visit gaf.com/LRS (PDF) for qualifying GAF products.

2 Contractors enrolled in GAF certification programs are not employees or agents of GAF, and GAF does not control or otherwise supervise these independent businesses. Contractors may receive benefits, such as loyalty rewards points and discounts on marketing tools from GAF for participating in the program and offering GAF enhanced warranties, which require the use of a minimum amount of GAF products.